Intro to Partner Acro

Join Orville for a glimpse into the wonders and excitement of partner acro. We will be working towards two high skills and foot to hand skills. No experience or partners needed, but come ready to learn how to hold others up or to be held up yourself.

Bio for Orville

Orville grew up up on Kodiak Island, and worked in commercial fishing in Bristol Bay; the only thing that comes close to being as challenging to the Alaskan commercial fishing has been circus arts. Through years of practice Orville has achieved skills in tumbling, juggling, and partner movements. Polishing those skills and teaching circus arts have been a fun way of applying his nearly limitless energy. Orville’s experiences include cheerleading, Dance Drill Teams, performing and choreographing with Swing Dance and Ballroom Dance troupes, and teaching partner dances and partner movements for over 15 years. His current passion is practicing Acro.  

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