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August 9-13
Monday - Friday

This exclusive workshop series is only for students that have the skill requirments. Come prepared to work hard and learn many new things. Join Us!

Monday & Tuesday

Sling & Fabric taught by Laura Miller

Laura is a movement-based artist specializing in dance, aerial acrobatics, and photography. Raised in the competitive dance world, she studied photography in college and then made the pivot to aerial as an adult. She loves aerial silks and hammock especially, because they feel like "athletic knitting" - the puzzles and patterns are endless!  In addition to studying and teaching aerial, Laura has worked with companies including Acrobatic Conundrum, UMO Ensemble, Strawberry Theatre Workshop, and Animate Objects Physical Theatre in creative, performance, and technical capacities. As an educator, Laura has had the honor of teaching at SANCA, Apex Aerial Arts, Bainbridge Dance Center, and now Synapse!

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Wednesday & Thursday

Trapeze & Rope/Fabric taught by Skyttle

Skyttle grew up as a classically trained ballerina with hopes of becoming a figure skater, or a rockette in the famous NYC “Rockefeller Center”. She discovered the circus arts when her friends from Los Angeles asked her to fly over and dance en pointe in a variety show. 

After graduating from the School of Visual Arts, NYC, Skyttle made the decision to “run away and join the circus”. With a BFA in hand, Skyttle has been travelling to many different states and circus academia to educate herself with the ways of the circus, and spreading the joy of it!

Skyttle is currently dedicated to become proficient in aerial arts, contortion, dancing, and performing. She aims to provide an environment that is a safe place for students to confidently try new things, and feel comfortable doing so. Giving learners the opportunity to unleash their imagination through their own creativity is very important to Skyttle as an artistic educator. She aspires to hold each and every student within her care to high expectations, so they can successfully develop a healthy outlet.

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Act Creation taught by Jessica Perry

Recklessly inquisitive about the mundane and the extraordinary, Jessica has always been fascinated by what makes an artist tick. She loves to dive deep into her own art as well as that of others and showcase what is underneath the aesthetic on the surface.

Jessica began circus with flying trapeze and aerial acrobatics in Colorado with Imperial Flyers and ACE Circus with Crystal Campbell. At 17, she spent a year completing the full-time protrack program at the New England Center of Circus Arts in Vermont. Then, she was accepted to the National Centre for Circus Arts in London where she also performed with Stufish productions in SOHO and CIRCA in Depart. Since then, she has been traveling around Europe and Australia, working with AIDA Cruise Productions, Creactive by Cirque du Soleil. She is now living in Seattle, coaching and creating at Emerald City Trapeze Arts.