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About Us

Synapse Circus Center is a recreational circus school devoted to developing the ability of its students to express themselves through circus arts. This company was founded on the concept that regardless of age, size, or gender, everyone can enjoy the world of circus! Everyone is capable of experiencing something unbelievable. Whether you are hoping to go perform around the world or just looking for a fun way to work out and every goal in between.


Vision Statement

Synapse will become a circus school that is respected and represented in the world circus community and will benefit the lives of those that come in contact with it.

Mission Statement

Synapse provides a high quality education in circus skills while teaching life skills like: leadership, collaboration, communication, and confidence.

Core Philosophy

Synapse is dedicated first to its students. We will work to help all of our students to progress towards their goals. We are structured to allow students to aspire to whatever heights they wish to achieve. We have created an inclusive environment and welcome students of all skill levels and aspirations.

Teaching Philosophy

Recreational Circus is much like a gymnastics program in many ways. Skills are taught in a step by step manner with hands on spotting. This makes the risk of injury very low. It also serves to build the students confidence so when the skill is mastered they know it was through their own hard work. However, unlike a typical gymnastics program, circus provides much more freedom for creativity and alternative skill building. This builds self-esteem while fostering teamwork and communication.

Why Synapse?

We believe that it is important to build up neural pathways in our brain and body as well as strength and understanding in our muscles to be able to achieve our full potential.

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