Youth Tumbling & Flexibility 1


What could be better than gaining more strength and becoming more flexible at the same time?  This class focuses on learning to identify what parts of your body are working when, as well as how to isolate them and make them stronger and more flexible, in order to give your muscles and body more durability and longevity.  We will spend half of the class working towards strength building with different exercises meant to target different big and small muscle groupings. The class will then move on to working to lengthen and stretch those groupings to discourage injury and encourage balanced flexibility throughout the body.

Days and times: 

Wednesdays 6:30pm-7:25pm

Some skills we look for to Graduate: Instructor Approval

Options available upon graduation: 


Other classes available for the same age and level: Youth Core Aerial, Youth Trampoline and Tumbling, and Youth Juggling