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Youth Core Aerial 1


Learn to fly! Climb, swing and twist in the air. This class starts students on their aerial journey with the core skills that focuses on the four most common aerial apparatus. Lyra (Hoop), Corde Lisse  (Rope), Aerial Fabric and Static Trapeze. Developing the strength, flexibility and air awareness needed to master skills high above the ground.

Ages: 7 - 13           


Fee for 8 week session:


Days and times: (55 Min)

*For daytime classes see Homeschool Classes*

Some skills we look for to Graduate:

Climb to the top, clean footlocks in the air, straddle up form ground, unassisted trapeze mount.

Options available upon graduation: Youth Core Aerial 2, Youth Tumbling & Trampoline 1, Youth Tumbling & Flexibility 1, Youth Circus 1

Other classes available for the same age and level: Youth Circus 1, Youth Tumbling & Trampoline 1, Youth Tumbling & Flexibility 1, Youth Circus 1

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