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Youth Core Aerial 2

This class builds on the basics by expanding students' knowledge of the core skills that focus on the four most common aerial apparatus: Lyra (Hoop), Corde Lisse (Rope), Aerial Fabric, and Static Trapeze. We will work towards developing the strength, flexibility, and air awareness needed to master skills high above the ground. *With coach approval*

Ages: 7 - 13     


Fee for 8 week session:


Days and times: (55mins)

Some skills we look for to Graduate: 

Catcher's lock, Straddle up in the air, Double Footlock, Pull over on Trapeze


**Instructor approval is REQUIRED**

Options available upon graduation: Youth Core Aerial 3 

Other classes available for the same age and level: Youth Circus 1, Youth Tumbling & Trampoline 1, Youth Tumbling & Flexibility 1

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