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Youth Tumbling & Trampoline 1


Tumbling Class is the perfect place for youth to learn to take control of their bodies and environments! By learning tumbling of different styles, including gymnastics and  parkour, students will learn body and spatial awareness.  This class will have kids flipping out in no time!

Ages: 7 - 13  


Fee for 8 week session:


Days and times: (55mins)

For Homeschool Days and Times please check the homeschool page

Some skills we look for to Graduate:

Cartwheel on both sides, mini dive roll, good form handstand position

Options available upon graduation: Youth Tumbling & Trampoline 2, Youth Core Aerial 1, Youth Tumbling & Flexibility 1, Youth Circus 1


Other classes available for the same age and level: Youth Circus 1, Youth Core Aerial 1, Youth Tumbling & Flexibility 1

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