Cris Clark


Cris Clark started his circus training with Circus Smirkus in 1992, when the international touring youth circus was just beginning.  Cris has worked with Smirkus for 14 tours over the past 25 years, as a coach and head rigger.   Cris was trained at the National Circus School in Montreal and worked as a professional circus performer for 15 years, touring North America, Europe, and Japan in a variety of adventures including performing in arenas and living on the Ringling train.  Primarily a circus coach, Cris opened a small circus training program in Boulder, Colorado and partnered with members of the current Synapse team to open a circus school in Denver.  He has served as head coach with several community circus programs across the nation, teaching advanced acrobatics, balance, and dexterity skills at schools including the Great Y Circus in California, Academy of Circus Elements in Colorado, Circus Maine in Portland Maine, and the pre-professional full-time training program at the School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts (SANCA) in Seattle, Washington.  Cris continues to work towards making a high level of training and a depth of circus culture available to the next generation of circus performers.

Cris offers deals on his Private Lessons!

-Individual one-hour private lesson for $70 an hour

-$65 an hour for weekly lessons

-$55 an hour for two-hour lessons or 2 one-hour lessons per week

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