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Dance and Cheer

Cross training with the Circus Arts can improve performance in a number of different disciplines and sports.  Circus training is focused on refining key aspects of movement which play an important role in strong, graceful, precise, and interpretive movement.  Balance, dexterity, flexibility, self-orientation, and strength are some of the talents that can be enhanced with circus skills.  

It is our hope to bring the wonderful and challenging world of circus to our local communities in a way that improves people's lives, wherever their passion lies.  Our coaches are a resource for those who perform circus skills, but also for other performing arts and disciplines that can benefit from cross training with the circus.

Learn the secrets behind amazing split leaps, holding that perfect scale, get the back bend you have always wanted and more! Learn the stretches that circus performers swear by. This clinic will give you the foundation for safe and effective stretching, so you can kick your routines up a notch this year.

Any amount of circus cross training can help students improve their dance technique, but it takes regular practice and hard training to acquire the skills in each discipline.   If you would like to bring some of the benefits of circus acrobatics, flexibility training to your studio, there are several ways we can work together to supplement your student’s training with an exciting and powerful technique that can help give them a more dynamic quality of movement.

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