Duo Fabric

Fundamentals of Aerial Porting and Flying:

This workshop is for the aerial student who has limited to no experience working with a partner on an apparatus. Porting (“supporting”) is a term used to describe the action of a base locked into an apparatus and a flyer hanging below.

We will discuss healthy ways for bases and flyers to connect and introduce fundamental movement for porting.

We will lead a partner warm up and go through healthy alignment and form for bases and flyers. Aerialists will have the opportunity to explore these new skills on both trapeze and fabric. We will demonstrate a partner porting flow for students to bring back to their training space to help them develop comfort and confidence with a partner in the air.

Pre Requisites: Completion of any aerial fundamentals course (Skills: Pull over, cross back straddle, straddle up, basket.)


Bio for Vertical Axis

Nick and Amanda developed their circus duo in 2013. Before discovering their partnership Amanda was a solo aerialist and was training in other circus arts. Nick was a professional dancer and a competitive rock climber with a passion for discovering new athletic and artistic adventures. They discovered their love for duo circus arts and each other through partner acrobatics and then quickly took to the sky. They have performed all over Seattle as both as an acro duo and aerial talent for companies such as Seattle Children’s Theatre, The Living Computers Museum, and the Jr. League of Seattle along with Teatro Zinzanni’s Cabaret performances. They love the thrill of performance, but their true passion lives in helping others learn how to feel confident in the air and with a partner while remaining healthy and safe in their own bodies. They have been teaching at circus schools, and leading workshops throughout the Seattle area since 2015. They are responsible for designing the partner aerial curriculum at SANCA. Nick and Amanda have worked as a duo on many different apparatuses, but they prefer

to spend most of their training and performance time on the aerial fabric. As coaches, Nick and Amanda strive to make duo aerial an accessible skill focusing on partner connection, healthy learning and creative play with another person in the air.

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