Floor Movement & Flow

Whether you're an artist, athlete, yogi, or someone who just wants to feel good in your body, learning how to be comfortable and confident on the floor can change your life.  In this workshop, you'll learn basic floor movements, including variations and transitions, that will change your relationship with the surface we call the Ground.  You'll increase your strength, mobility, and safety in all situations (including unexpected falls).  Floor work can be used for cross training, rehab, injury prevention, self-expression, playing with kids & grandkids, or simply living with more ease and less pain.  Anybody can do it, from ages 9-days through 99-years and beyond!  


In a safe setting you will explore the natural movements of your own body in wonderful new ways, and you will learn to apply basic floor concepts to the other movements you're already doing.  It can be empowering to discover new strength, control, and creativity in your body!


Movements & topics will include: animal crawls, mobility for the floor, core control & breathing, soft acrobatics & soft falling, bridge & QDR work, transitions between standing and floor, & creating dynamic flow.  


The floor is padded and the workshop is done in socks or bare feet. If you would have trouble with this, let us know & we'll work something out.



Bio of Andrew Brenlan

Andrew Brenlan is a movement coach and Certified Personal Trainer, and he is passionate about helping people recognize, embrace, and move their awesome bodies.  As a body-positive movement professional, Andrew encourages students to explore movement and cultivate joy, gratefulness, and confidence in their bodies no matter where they're at.  He believes that sustainable fitness comes from daily movement habits and choices that build our capacity to grow, nurture, laugh, and heal ourselves.  Learn more about Andrew here.






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