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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is Synapse Circus Center?

Synapse Circus Center is a new recreation circus program based in South King County, Washington. We will be teaching classes at various community centers throughout the South King County area. We have our own center offering aerial, trampoline and higher level classes of all kinds, located at 309 49th Street Suite C Auburn, Washington 98002

  • What is this program all about?


Building self-esteem, coordination, strength and flexibility through the fun of circus skills.

  • Will I be working with animals?

No. we are a human-only circus program. We are what is being called “New Circus Arts”, which is more theater-based than its traditional counter parts that have animals.

  • What are the safety precautions taken?


Circus is much like a gymnastics program in many ways. Skills are taught in a step-by-step manner with hands-on spotting. This makes the risk of injury very low. It also serves to build the student's confidence so that when the skill is mastered, they know it was through their own hard work. However, unlike a typical gymnastics program, circus provides much more freedom for creativity and alternative skill-building. This builds self-esteem while fostering teamwork and communication.

  • Are there any certifications to teach circus?


No, not formally but our instructors are performers themselves and have received hands-on training through an apprenticeship program prior to teaching classes on their own.

  • How are the classes structured?


First is a warm up of cardio and stretching then 3 activities from the categories of acrobatics, balance or object manipulation. Each activity helps build self-esteem, coordination, strength and flexibility while fostering teamwork and communication.

  • What should I expect from my first class?


Introduction to the equipment, coach, other students and how class will run -- we will also be doing some activities and using the equipment.  


  • What clothing and shoes should be worn at class?


Students are encouraged to wear comfortable, stretchy clothing that allows for full range of motion, but that are not too baggy. Please no zippers or buckles on clothing as it damages equipment. Students may go barefoot, wear socks or gym/ballet shoes (for tightrope).


  •  Do I need to put my hair up?

Yes, like most exercise-type classes, we will be moving and even going upside down so pulling hair back away from your face is advised.

  • What about food or water during class?

Please no gum or food during class. You may bring a water bottle. We provide water breaks and water for students.

  • When am I ready for the next level?


Each class has certain required skills that must be mastered before moving on to the next level. Feel free to talk to your child’s instructor about their progress. We want students to be challenged but not intimidated, and to improve strength and skills while having fun. We expect that each student will take a class for several sessions before moving to a new class.

  • What are come current trends in circus?


Circus has become much more well-known in the United States with touring circus’ such as Cirque du Soleil and Ringling Brothers, and famous stationary shows Big Apple Circus and Teatro Zinzanni, and has become an accepted discipline in sports.  It has changed as a general trend from animals with human presenters to acrobatics performed by humans alone. The trend of theater and dance in circus has also increased, seamlessly melded together to create exciting, engaging shows.

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