Homeschool Classes
Our homeschool circus classes will work to develop students large motor and socializing skills though age-appropriate circus activities.  These include juggling and object manipulation with throwing and catching, doing tumbling on the floor and tumble track, balancing on the tightwire and globe by themselves and with coach assistance, and aerial on the trapeze, rope, and fabric.  Students are also encouraged to work together as well as individually to achieve skills, wait their turn, encourage other students, try their best, and follow directions, all of which are essential circus skills. 
If you are part of a Homeschool Pod, we can make accommodations for your whole pod.  Click the button below for more information.

Ages: 7-13 years

Fee for a 8 week session: $152


Days and times: (55 min)

Homeschool Circus 1 Mondays 10am - 10:55am

Homeschool Circus 2 Wednesdays 10am-10:55am

Homeschool Youth Core Aerial 1 Wednesdays 11am - 11:55am