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Me and My Buddy

This fun class is designed to focus on developing your child’s large motor skills and social skills.  We will do this through age appropriate skills such as throwing and catching, simple tumbling and jumping, balancing, and simple aerial that encourage and foster imagination.  In each skill, your child is encouraged to work together with you or other students, wait their turn, try their best, and follow the directions. This class is designed to be taken with an adult ‘Buddy’ who will help the child to do their best.


Ages: 2 - 3 (With adult supervision) 


Fee for 8 week session:

Days and times: (45 min) 

Some skills we look for to Graduate: 2 foot jumping, log roll, toss and catch, waiting their turn, following directions

Options available upon graduation: Preschool Circus 1


Other classes available for the same age and level: Not Applicable

Me and My Buddy Guidelines:

For your Child:

         Overview-This class has been designed to allow 2 years olds to experience a class like environment while increasing gross motor skills like coordination and strength that are needed for necessary development.

For you the Helper:

  • For many this is their first structured class setting, so many need to learn how to participate in the i.e. taking turns, waiting in line, staying with the group etc. for some the skills come easy but the social is the harder part.

  • The skills that are taught in class have been broken down to suit the developmentally level of 2 year olds. The skills are to develop your child’s motor skills through coordination, strength and flexibility exercises. Allowing them to solve physical problems i.e. forward roll, jumping backwards etc. will enhance their body awareness.

  • Have patience with your child’s progress. Each child grows and learns at their own pace. Please avoid ‘doing’ everything for your child, help is encouraged but allow them to try by themselves when it is safe to do so.

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