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New to Circus Arts?

In the past the word ‘circus’ would conjure images of elephants, lions, peanuts, and death-defying stunts. Today, circuses have changed to be focused more on human performers and artistic expression while still evoking the sense of wonder that circuses of the past did. Modern ‘circus arts’ generally refers to a mixture of performance arts that include acrobatics, aerial skills, juggling, and similar skills. At Synapse Circus Center, we are excited to be able to teach fundamental circus arts to people of all ages and abilities. One of the benefits of circus is that the diversity of equipment and options means that everyone can find something that they can excel at.


Circus arts classes are similar to gymnastics and dance classes with a progressive curriculum that builds skills with strong fundamentals and then allows the students to grow and specialize, even to perform in front of an audience, if they want to. We do this in a collaborative atmosphere that does not include competitive meets or all-day recitals. Staff and students work together to ensure that everyone can achieve their goals and Experience their Unbelievable!


To learn how you can get started, please click on an introductory class below:

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