Preschool Circus 1

Preschool Circus class presents early circus skills as games; encouraging students to throw and catch, do simple tumbling, balance, hang from aerial equipment, and jump while using their imagination. Students are also encouraged to work together, wait their turn, try their best, and follow the directions, which are essential circus skills.


Ages: 3 - 4             


Fee for 8 week session: $125

Days and times: (45mins) 

Mondays 10am-10:45am

Mondays 4:30pm-5:15pm

Wednesdays 11am-11:45am

Thursdays 4pm-4:45pm

Saturdays 10:30am-11:15am

Some skills we look for to Graduate: 2 foot jumping, front roll down wedge, hanging upside down, toss and catch with one hand, low cartwheels

Options available upon graduation: Preschool Circus 2


Other classes available for the same age and level: Not Applicable