Progressive Classes

Adult Core Aerial 1

This class builds on the basics by expanding students knowledge of the core skills that focus on the four most common aerial apparatus: Lyra (Hoop), Corde Lisse  (Rope), Aerial Fabric and Static Trapeze. We will work towards developing the strength, flexibility, and air awareness needed to master skills high above the ground

Thursday 7:30pm-8:25pm

Day & Time

Adult Circus 1

This Circus class is for adults looking for an increase to their energy, a boost to their confidence, and an awesome workout for their bodies. Deep down you’ll know that you’re building your balance, strength, agility, and fitness-but on the surface, this class is just fun! Remember, it’s never too late to join the circus! 

Monday 12:30pm-1:25pm

Day & Time

Adult Core Aerial 2

 This is the next step for those on their aerial journey. This class continues to build the foundation skills on the 4 most common aerial apparatus: Lyra (hoop), Corde Lisse (rope), Aerial fabric and Static trapeze. This is the first introduction to wraps for drops and more dynamic moves. * With Instructor approval. 

Tuesday 7:30-8:25pm

Day & Time

Adult Tumbling 1

This adult tumbling class is a novel and exciting way to become physically fit, have fun, and explore body movement! In this class you’ll focus on the acrobatics aspect of circus allowing you to develop body awareness and feel the freedom of movement.  Learn how to flip, fall, and roll in a safe and encouraging environment meant to promote success at all levels. Utilizing our floor, mats, and long trampoline, this class works on tumbling in all styles.

Thursday 7:30pm-9:30pm

Day & Time

Adult Vertical Aerial 3

Synapse Circus Center is now offering a class of advanced vertical aerial.  This class is intended to be taken by anyone age 14 and older and will provide instruction in the fundamentals of body engagement and aerial skills. Each class is an hour which encompasses a warm-up and conditioning as well as skill and technique building on the aerial rope, fabric, and/or trapeze.This is for those with experience on rope and fabric--students must be able to do a solid catchers in the air. 

Wednesday 7:30-9:30pm

Day & Time