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Synapse Circus Center’s scholarship policy is designed to promote students' interest in circus arts and provide instruction to support that interest.  Scholarships are awarded to students based primarily on financial need. Awards for classes and camps are not to exceed 50% of the total tuition. Scholarship availability is limited per session and for summer camps.   




  • Students will be between 3 & 18 years of age.

  • Students must maintain a good attendance record.

  • Student’s family must have a financial need.



All Students who wish to receive a scholarship award must submit the following:

  • Complete the application form  

  • Proof of Residency with legal street address

  • Sign and adhere to the conditions of their Tuition Payment Form and/or Scholarship Agreement


Amounts based on one 8 week session tuition.


Full Tuition amount        25% discount     35% discount      50% discount

45min      $120                 $90                  $78                  $60

55mins     $148                $111                 $96                  $74

85 mins    $184                $138                $120                 $92

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