Coach - Specializing in Aerial

Skyttle grew up as a classically trained ballerina with hopes of

becoming a figure skater, or a rockette in the famous NYC

“Rockefeller Center”. She discovered the circus arts when her

friends from Los Angeles asked her to fly over and dance en

pointe in a variety show. Up close and personal, Skyttle got to

discover the joy of performing by being both a performer and

a perceptive audience member. When she saw her friends

performing aerial arts, she knew that the circus community was

the right place for her.

After graduating from the School of Visual Arts, NYC, Skyttle

made the decision to “run away and join the circus”. With a

               BFA in hand, Skyttle has been travelling to many different states and circus academia to                     educate herself with the ways of the circus, and spreading the joy of it!

               Skyttle is currently dedicated to become proficient in aerial arts, contortion, dancing, and                   performing. She aims to provide an environment that is a safe place for students to                             confidently try new things, and feel comfortable doing so. Giving learners the opportunity to                 unleash their imagination through their own creativity is very important to Skyttle as an                         artistic educator. She aspires to hold each and every student within her care to high                           expectations, so they can successfully develop a healthy outlet.

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