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Rolling Globe TBT.jpg
Steven Mathews
Youth Performance Troupe Director &
Coach - Specialty Tumbling and Acrobatics

Steven started performing circus at the age of 5 when he learned to walk globe from his siblings who were in circus programs. He started officially training in circus arts at age 7 when he started going to the School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts (SANCA) where he learned a variety of skills. When SANCA started a youth performance troop, Steven was a founding member and worked for many years with other Synapse coaches, Crystal and Zora. He performed with SANCA's youth performance company until he was 18, moving from a focus on globe and balance to acrobatics and juggling. He went with the company to Europe and performed in London, Wales, and Sylt, Germany. Steven is excited to work with Synapse Circus to help everyone find poetry through motion, self-expression through ability, and experience their own unbelievable.

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