Youth Circus 3

With the basics now mastered, this class introduces more difficult skills that build upon the basics

Ages: 7-13 years

Days and times: (85 Min) Mondays 6:30pm

Some skills we look for to Graduate:

Back walk overs, round offs, front handspring on tumble track, 6 club passing with partner, pullover on trapeze

Options available upon graduation: Moving to this class means you have already mastered the basics of aerial, balance, juggling, and tumbling. You are ready to move on to new challenges in each of these areas. In level 3, we will review short sequences and skills from level 2 and expand our knowledge in the areas of strength and flexibility to gain new skills in each apparatus.


**Instructor approval is REQUIRED**

Other classes available for the same age and level: Youth Core Aerial 2, Youth Tumbling 2, Handstands and Flex 1, Juggling Objects 2